Finding Your Dressage Partner

Dressage in harmony begins with a well matched pair.  Allow Claudia to assist you in finding your Equine partner.

Claudia uses her depth of knowledge and insight to match you with your next dressage partner.  She focuses on your goals, personality, and riding ability to find you the right match.  She has a network of contacts throughout the United States, Canada, and Germany to call upon.  Contact Claudia before you start your next horse hunt.


“As an older amateur rider, I began my journey riding lesson horses at a local barn. Claudia was a regular visiting clinician – I felt so lucky to be able to attend and learn from a trainer with her depth of knowledge and experience. When it came time to purchase my own horse and after I had narrowed my options down to two horses, Claudia graciously met me to watch as I rode both horses. It was invaluable having a professional’s guidance when choosing the best partner suited to my personality and ability. Two years later, I’m blessed to have a partner that is perfect for me and continues to grow with me as I continue my equine education. Thank you, Claudia!” – Amy G.